Covid Update 12/07/2021 (please check back for further updates)


Our England Athletics Race Permit has been granted on the understanding that we will have Covid-19 safety measures in place. Leeds took place under STEP3 and we were able to operate safely. It now looks likely that most measures will be lifted before Henley however Covid remains in the community and therefore we intend to keep most of the measures taken in Leeds in place for Henley.

In the run up to Endure24

You must undertake a self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms. Do not travel to the event if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. No-one should leave home to participate in sport if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID-19 currently recognised as any of the following.

A high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste. We would add that if you even suspect you may have symptoms however mild that could possibly be Covid-19 please don’t attend.

Be sure – Please take a test before you come, you can order free covid-19 tests HERE

On Arrival at Endure24

If you don’t already have the NHS Covid App you will find it HERE

Please use the app to scan the Event Venue QR Codes when you arrive, you will find them at the entry gates and around the event village. This is to aid track and trace.

Sanitiser Stations and reminders about distancing and hygiene will be placed at the entrance and exit points around the venue.

Think carefully about your own personal hygiene, bring your own sanitiser, a supply of face masks and your own loo roll.

Social Distancing the Event

We have allocated more space for camping allowing you to leave more space between yourself and your neighbours.  Avoid walking through other peoples areas. Please help by minimising the camping equipment you bring. Please plan to be as self sufficient as possible to reduce the need to leave your area.

Our Event Village will be larger offering more space to physically distance. Obviously, the majority of the event takes place outdoors, but please do wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so, or you are in an area where physical distancing is difficult.

We have use of a huge area of Temple Island Meadows so by all means find yourself a space away from others.

Where we do have marquees or temporary structures we will open as much of them as possible to ensure they are classed as outdoor space and we can maintain good airflow.

We will place queuing lines at the welfare area (wash stands, toilets and showers) please use these and physically distance yourself while waiting. Please use our sanitiser stations before and after using these facilities.

The welfare area will be cleaned regularly throughout the event but please help us by keeping your use to a minimum.

Sanitiser Stations and reminders about distancing and hygiene will be placed at the entrance and exit points

If you are visiting the help desk, please queue at the queuing point and come forward when called. Please restrict this to one person at a time.

Race Start

If you feel uncomfortable with the density of runners starting the race, the option remains open to start later. You can join in at a time to suit you and from a point around 50m before the timing mats under the race gantry. There is no need to inform anyone, we will pick you up from the point at which your chip crosses the start line.

Exchange – A key part of Endure is handing over to your next runner. We are removing the handover and wristbands, the exchange will become contact free. We have a large screen opposite Exchange where you will be able to see your runner approaching via a camera feed and also a scrolling list. As your runner passes under the gantry you start your run, the finishing runner then leaves the course before the reaching exchange area. The Exchange area will be larger but please avoid entering it until approx. 5 – 10 minutes before your runner is due to arrive and wear a mask if it is not possible to physically distance.

Absolutely no non-runners should enter the exchange area.

Please check back for more updates

Please respect other people’s space at all times and do everything you can to help us make this event as safe as possible.

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