England Athletics, runbritain and the larger road race organisers are in conversation with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) about a return to road racing (including trail). Until we have confirmation from DCMS we are still not able to give definite dates as to what type of races will be permitted at each stage.

Endure24 – We are currently waiting on clarification from our governing body as to what will be be permitted in each of the steps below. Our best guess is that there will be guidance available by the 29th March. It looks likely that running events will resume in time for both Reading and Leeds to take place but given the camping and team elements of the event we will need to seek further advice from the local authority.

Our current planning is based Leeds going ahead on the advertised date. Reading will now move to the 23rd – 25th July to avoid any social distancing and camping restrictions which may be required due to its original date being before step 4. We have now applied to both local authorities for permission to hold these events. Please see this page for more information on entries and options for 2021.


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Endure24 24 Hour Relay Race