2021 Entry fees are per person (refundable if cancelled due to Covid-19) and include parking, camping and tech t-shirt. Entry costs £75 for team members or £95 for solo runners.

Teams can be any size from 2 – 12 people, categories mixed, female or male. 2 people, pairs, 3 – 5 people small team, 6 – 8 people large team, 8+ XXL team.

Once a team has entered you can add more runners and we will amend the team size, category etc as appropriate even if the race is full.

There is a small charge of £12.50 (adults) and £7.50 (children) or £25 (family) for supporter camping/parking – available below. Day visitors need a day parking pass £6 for the short stay car park. (supporter camping and day parking passes sent out prior to the event).  Booking passes is also part of our Covid-19 track and trace registration – We need to know who is on site, we loved it when people could just rock up at Endure but sadly due to Covid-19 those days are gone.

Access for day visitors is between 9.00am and 10.00pm. Vehicle access to both Reading and Leeds is closed between 11.00pm and 7.00am each night (the gates are locked overnight).

Support Crew will need supporter camping tickets.

Endure24 events are held under UK Athletics rules.

ENDURE24 Leeds 2nd – 4th July

Leeds is now open for both solo and team entry. You can add additional runners to existing teams using the button below

Please note – Deferrals to 2022 closed on the 15th May

ENDURE24 Reading 23rd – 25th July

We now have limited places available for both team and solo entry at Reading as a result of increased capacity at Temple Island Meadows (below).

Please note – Deferrals to 2022 closed on the 15th May.

Due to Wasing Park being unavailable in July we are re-locating to Temple Island Meadows in Henley on Thames. It’s an absolutely stunning venue on the banks of the Thames opposite Temple Island which is the start line for Henley Regatta.

Entry FAQs
What happened to my 2020 entry?

All entries have been transferred to 2021. We really appreciate the support shown by everyone in helping us secure the future of the event by accepting the postponement. We can accept deferrals to 2022 until the 15th May 2021 or you can transfer between events if the date is more convenient.

Checking and amending your entry details.

When you enter the confirmation e-mail you receive has a login and password to enable you to access your team/solo entry and amend details. If you add extra runners to your team at a later date they will not show in this console but they will be included (when updated) in the website entry listings for Reading or Leeds. Please note – amendments close on June 1st  (now extended to 18th June) 2021 when we finalise the data.  Please e-mail us for a new password if you cannot access your entry.

Adding more runners to an existing team.

You can add as many extra runners to a team as you like up to 12. Use the “add an additional runner button” on the entry page for Reading or Leeds, make sure to add the correct team name so we know which team to add your runner to. These additional entries are added to your team on the team lists, they do not show in your console, they can only be edited by the person’s email address used to register them.

Deferrals and Refunds.

You can request to defer your entry up until the 15th May 2021 in which case you will receive a code to enter the following year without charge. We can only defer an entry once and there is no refund alternative. Refunds – we do not refund entries once accepted please see our Terms & Conditions of entry.

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

If you are in a team then your team captain can amend the entry to add the new runners details. If you are solo then please e-mail us copying the new runner and we will amend the entry at this end. These changes need to be made by the 1st June as once we make up the race packs we cannot amend details.

I cannot make the new Reading date or I feel uncomfortable attending either event due to Covid-19, what are my options?

If you cannot make the new Reading date you can swap to Leeds (2nd-4th July) or defer your place until 2022. If you feel uncomfortable attending this year due to Covid-19 you can defer your entry until 2022, all requests to defer an entry must be made in writing before the 15th May 2021 following this we cannot defer or refund entries. If you have any questions about the options please e-mail us.

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