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Supporter Camping and passes and Day parking passes are required by anyone attending the venue who is not a registered runner. Supporter tickets are £12.50 per adult, £7.50 children under 15, £25 family and includes camping and parking.  Day visitors will require a short stay car park ticket which is £6 (the short stay car park is open 9.00am – 10pm daily). Camping and parking passes will be sent in the post.

Event Information
How Endure24 works

Endure24 is a 24 hour relay race for teams of 2 – 12 runners or solo competitors.

Only runners who have actually entered the race are permitted on the course, un-registered or a second team member running alongside a competing runner will result in disqualification of the team or solo runner. We noticed lots of un-registered runners on the course last year, please ask friends and family not to do this, it’s unfair to runners taking part in the race and causes congestion. No dogs are permitted on the course, the route is not wide enough and we are on a working farm where they may encounter livestock.

Team Captains

The team captain has a very important role in managing the team. They will probably be the person that entered the team and they have the responsibility of ensuring all team members are aware of the rules and in particular the health and safety aspects of the event. They may manage the team on the day but if they are running they may prefer to allocate someone else, possibly a non runner to manage the team at the event. It’s important to have someone managing the run schedule and checking everyone is OK, you should also allocate a deputy to cover for sleep breaks. It’s not unusual for captains to be walking round with a clipboard and radio making sure everyone knows when to eat, sleep and run. 

Solo runners

Solo runner’s start with the main race at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours. They can have support crew (we strongly recommend this due to the nature of the event) in their camping area but not on the route. They can stop for rests and food whenever they wish. Solo runners should always leave the course at the solo exit/entry point or risk the timing system missing a lap. Solo runners may wish to consider starting later if they have a target in mind, want to avoid the busy early laps or if it’s hot, this is fine as your chip will pick up when you start. i.e. You may have a target of 10 laps and prefer to start running at 6.00pm as you are confident 18 hours is enough time.

Pairs & Teams

Teams start with the main race at 12.00pm, they then carry on running as many laps as they can for 24 hours, each member of the team must complete at least one lap. You cannot use runners not registered in your team. Always leave the course at the exchange point or you risk the timing system missing you. Always enter the course at the exchange point or you risk disqualification. You do not have to have someone on the course at all times, teams can take a break and resume later in the race. You can opt to start later than 12.00pm if your team would like to avoid the early busy laps.

Laps & Breaks 

You can take a break anytime you like but always leave/enter the course at the correct point. You can carry on and do more than one lap or handover to your partner or team member. Only one member of a team must be on the course at any time*. Team and solo runners do not have to have be on the route for the whole 24 hours. You can take a break and resume the race when you are ready.

 * The one exception to this is at the end of your final runners lap there is an access point approx 100m before the finish where team members can join their final runner for a team finish. Please be aware of solo runners as they may still be racing.

 The Exchange

The finishing team member should pass the exchange wristband to their teammate at the exchange point. If your runner is not there (it happens) we suggest you carry on and do another lap. The exchange area is always busy but we ask you to stay off the route. There is a screen opposite the exchange area which shows a live feed and scrolls the names of the approaching runners to the exchange area.

Only runners are permitted in the exchange area. To be fair to everyone please do not enter the exchange unless you are a runner waiting to exchange, this includes team members not running, team captains, family and children. We will be checking this and disqualify teams ignoring this rule because it affects everyone else’s race.

Race Medals 

When you have finished running you can get your race medal from the registration area. You will need to hand in your time chip to get your medal. The medal area will be set up around 10.00 Sunday morning so if you are leaving us before then please check in at the control cabin.

Race Packs & Registration

We do not send anything out in the post. Race numbers, timing chips, exchange bands and t-shirts will be issued at the registration desk at Base Camp from 11.00am Friday.

A team representative can register on behalf of the whole team so decide in advance who will collect your packs. It is not necessary for all team members to register individually.  Make sure you know the name of your team before registering, you would be surprised how many people don’t. In your pack will be –

Race numbers – To be worn on the front, they have a medical form on the back; please fill this in to help us identify you should a medical issue arise. Race numbers are specific to a runner. Race numbers are printed against the runners name on the front of the pack.

Timing Chips – To be worn around the ankle not the wrist. Please do not swap chips, as you will receive the wrong split times. We cannot rectify this afterwards. No chip will result in no split time. Time chips are in numbered envelopes and should match your race number.

Exchange bands – the runner on the course should be wearing the exchange band, these are handed over at the end of each lap. If you lose it please ask for a replacement at the registration desk. 

T-shirts – we will give you the various sizes you ordered when registering, we may be able to swap sizes at the registration desk but please do this after the start of the race to allow us time to collect in the returns.

Draft Event Schedule


  • 10.00 – Campsite opens (please read the camping and site rules carefully).
  • 11.00 – Registration opens in the race village
  • 11.00 – The Endure24 route is open for a recce
  • 11.30 – Catering and Bars open in Base Camp
  • 15.00 – Yoga & Stretch classes in the Mizuno Marquee
  • 19.00 – Registration closes until Saturday morning
  • 19.00 – Entertainment in the Mizuno Marquee
  • 19.00 – Mini Endure kid’s race, meet at the start/finish line (It’s free, register on the entry page)
  • 22.00 – Catering closes, bars will close around 22.30
  • 23.00 – Entertainment in the Mizuno Marquee stops (time to get some sleep)

Saturday 07.30 – Catering opens (and remains open until Sunday 2.00pm).

  • 07.30 – Registration opens in Base Camp
  • 08.00 – Yoga & Stretch starts in the Mizuno Marquee
  • 11.30 – Registration closes
  • 11.45 – Call to the start & race briefing
  • 12.00 – Race start
  • 20.00 – Head/hand/chest torches to be carried by all runners
  • 21.10 – Sunset, fully dark at 22.00 (average between both events)


  • o4.00 – First light (best time to run) Sunrise 04.50 
  • 06.00 – Runners may stop using head torches
  • 08.00 – Yoga & Stretch starts in the Mizuno Marque
  • 11.00 – Warnings regarding last lap are issued
  • 11.59 –  Runners may start a final lap before 11.59.59 and these will count in your results (there is a one hour time limit)
  • 12.00 – Course closed at the exchange area to prevent any further laps
  • 13.00 – Final runners cross the finish line
  • 13.30 – Awards at the presentation area close to the exchange pen
  • 16.00 – Campsite closes (any pre arranged stop overs can remain on site).


The Endure24 Route - 5 mile or 8 Kilometre Trail Loop.

Those people who have done Endure24 before will be aware of its eccentricities, new runners may view the way we do things as a little strange or have expectations we cannot meet so please read the following carefully.

This is a trail race and while we do check and improve the route please remember it is multi terrain, un-even, narrow in places and there are tree roots and trip hazards. Runners should adjust their speed and effort levels according to the weather conditions, amount of laps they are running, terrain and the amount of natural light available. Please make sure you are wearing/carrying a head torch or hand torch or ideally both after 8.00pm on Saturday night until 6.00am Sunday morning.

Please show patience on the route, some runners will be moving more slowly and often walking, this is entirely normal for the solo / ultra-runners. They can seem a little “spaced out” if you are concerned stop and ask. Report it to the next marshal point if you believe they need support (that goes for any runner in trouble).

Slower paced runners should stick to the left hand side and allow faster runners to pass on the right. There are technical sections that are narrow and twisty, particular care should be taken when passing slower runners in these sections, let them know you are there and wait for them to make space.

The first lap in particular will be crowded, around 500 people will be on the first lap, after the first couple of laps it will settle down and the spacing will be around 5 to 6 runners per 100m. Don’t be tempted to run your first lap at full race pace, the result will be legs full of lactic acid and ultimately you will stiffen up to the point where you cannot run leaving your team mates to fill in for you. Keep it steady!

Please be aware we may need to travel on the route in 4×4 vehicles, we know this can be annoying but please make space as we will be trying to reach a medical issue or dropping the route marshals to their location. We will keep it to an absolute minimum.

 A lot can happen in 24 hours so please report any issues to the control cabin so that we can send a team to deal with them.

Water Station

This water station is not like a half marathon water station with lots of volunteers handing out water as you pass by, the water will be available in cups but runners should collect it from the bar shelf. You will notice that as time goes on people will stop at the drinks station for a chat or a rest, this is completely normal.

All we are supplying at the 5K feed station is water. We have limited amounts of nutritional product and gels, these may not be available all the time and they are really aimed at the solo runners although anyone in need can take them. Anyone may leave food supplies here with our volunteers for collection on the way round. There may also be occasional fun items given out on the route, this is just that “fun” it’s not in any way intended to be support.

Why are we saying this? – Because it may be viewed that we ran out of food or drink if they are not available all the time and we just want to make certain that people understand we are only guaranteeing to supply water.


Endure24 Onsite Facilities

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are still reviewing exactly what facilities will be available but we hope to offer at least –      

Catering – Usually open 10.00am Friday until 22.00 Friday and 7.00am Saturday all the way through to 2.00pm Sunday  

Bar – Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Toilets – Around the race village there are portable toilets close to the camping areas, we have servicing staff but the best piece of advice you will get is to bring a personal loo roll. There is one main welfare area with toilet trailers (Do not drink the water in these trailers), hot showers (expect to queue at peak times) and drinking water.  

Drinking Water – there are tap stands and standpipes connected directly to mains water. These are located in the main welfare area by the cricket pitch. Please do not take water from anywhere else.

Waste Management – The large containers around the race village are there for you to use. Do not put hot ashes from BBQs in these bins, there will be separate small metal bins for this. Do not leave any tents or camping equipment behind we have nowhere to dispose of this and it leaves us with a massive and very expensive problem. Please ask the registration team if you need black plastic sacks. 

First Aid – There is a first aid post in the central race arena. Open Friday 10.00am until 8.00pm, Saturday from 7.30am until Sunday 2.00pm 

Massage – The massage team will be working on Friday until late. They re-open Saturday morning and then remain open until Sunday lunchtime. Fees apply, cash only please.

Mizuno Marquee – Friday night party and Yoga/Stretch classes. Open throughout the event for chilling out and shelter from inclement weather.

The race village, camping zones and parking areas are situated on a working farm. There are ditches; ponds, barbed wire fencing and vehicles moving around so please supervise your children at all times. We have fire bowls and straw bales please ask your children not to go near the fire bowls or build castles with the hay bales, sorry if this sounds like health and safety over kill but we don’t want any accidents. 

Results & Awards

The race results will be screened live throughout the event from a screen in Base Camp. 

This feed is also live online so friends and relatives can keep unto date to date with your progress.

Provisional results are expected 1.15pm on the day. We make the awards based on the provisional results but will amend these following the event with the final version expected mid week.

Results will be shown for each person and include split times for each lap. If you do have any issues please e-mail them in and we will try to resolve them. Where runners forget their chip or wear the wrong one it is difficult to amend this so please bear this in mind.

Awards are based on the most number of laps completed which includes any started before 11.59.59 and completed by 12.59.59 so you have a maximum one hour to complete a final lap. This is particularly important is you are a solo runner.

Everyone completing a lap will receive a medal which can be collected from the registration desk in return for your time chip.

Competition as you can imagine is stiff! We award a trophy to each person in the top three places in each category, which is a lot of people!

Award Categories

Solo male & female 1/2/3

Pairs, male, female & mixed 1/2/3

Small teams male, female & mixed 1/2/3 (3 – 5 runners)

Large team male, female & mixed 1/2/3 (6 – 8 runners)

We do not make awards to the XXL Fun teams (8 runners +)

So that’s over 140 awards, as you can imagine it takes a while!

Children & Animals

We welcome children to Endure, but can we just say that children are the responsibility of their parents and you should be aware that we are on a working farm and a temporary campsite. There are vehicle movements, water hazards, ditches, trip hazards and barbed wire fences so please supervise your children at all times. Please make sure they stay with you in your camping area or are accompanied if they leave to visit the welfare areas or Base Camp. Tyvek wristbands with a contact number on are useful if they get lost.

Dogs are also welcome but must be on a lead at all times, please be a responsible dog owner when it comes to cleaning up after them. Dogs are not permitted on the race route as we are on a working farm and you may encounter livestock.

Camping Guidelines

Camping, caravans & camper vans are all permitted at Endure24

Glamping will be available to book early in 2021

Camping is open from 10.00am on Friday morning until 4.00pm Sunday. Anyone wanting to stay overnight on Sunday should e-mail us in advance

Please avoid conflict with neighbours, camping space is allocated on a first come, first served basis. We do not have space for recreational areas. 

The final race guide will have full details of the specific areas where each type of camping is located. 

Make sure you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your safety at this event.

  • The camping zones are marked out with stakes and rope – only camp in the marked out bays.
  • You should leave adequate space between your tents when setting up to help prevent the spread of fire.
  • Please remove all vehicles from the camping area as soon as you have dropped off your equipment.
  • There are short stay car parks with easy access to the exit gates if you are not staying for the whole event.
  • Camper vans must not move once parked, park sideways (not facing down a slope) with wheel chocks in place.
  • Please find the location of your nearest fire point once you have set up – you do not need our permission to use this equipment but please let us know if you do.
  • Having set up your camping area, take a couple of minutes to look around and think about any risks to the health and safety of others.

Cooking – Spotting the danger signs of CO poisoning

  • Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas and is poisonous. In high concentrations it can kill swiftly. In smaller concentrations CO poisoning can give symptoms similar to flu or food poisoning. Look out for headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness and weakness – but the best advice is to avoid any chance of being poisoned in the first place.
  • Never take a barbecue into a tent, awning, caravan or motorhome. Even a cooling barbecue gives off plenty of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill.
  • Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or awning. Stoves and barbecues are designed for indoor cooking not space heating.
  • Never run a gas, petrol or diesel-powered generator inside a caravan, motorhome, tent or awning. Generators are not permitted at Endure24.
  • Don’t cook inside your tent or awning.
  • Don’t use any other gas, charcoal, liquid or solid fuel appliances inside a tent or awning. Gas- powered fridges and lamps, for example, also need plenty of ventilation to prevent them producing poisonous carbon monoxide. Tents and awnings aren’t generally designed with this in mind.



We will publish full details of the parking arrangements closer to the event as a lot depends on our planning in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. Having said that parking at each venue will be no more than five minutes walk from the camping areas and short stay car parks will be available for those just visiting or dropping off.


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