Endure24 Leeds will operate under Lockdown Step 3 so please see the updated race guide on this page for full details of the Covid-19 safety measures in place. 

The race start will now be staggered, Solos start at 10.45am numbers 1 – 330 Stagger feed 1 and 11.05 for numbers 331 + Stagger feed A, Check your race number and your allocated start bay on the venue plan. Please make your way to the start bays a few minutes before your start time. Solo runners wishing to start late can join in from point X on the venue plan at anytime after 12.00pm.

Teams will start from 11.30 and use stagger feed 1, see the Team Start Bay List button for your Bay number. Please make your way to the start bays a few minutes before your start time. PLEASE NOTE – the start list shows the captains name but you choose who your first runner is.

The Running Clock will still start at 12.00pm and run until 12.00pm Sunday, final laps can be started and will count if you reach the gantry before 12.00pm Sunday. Results will be published with a plus time (the amount of time before 12.00pm you crossed the line). There is no awards ceremony due to social distancing. 100 mile t-shirts will be posted out.

Endure24 has a very active social media community. Facebook groups exist for general race chat where you will find people are happy to answer any questions you may have, there is also a solo community group which is a great place to ask for advice on going it alone. Our Instagram, Strava Club and Facebook page feeds are below.

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